A Mom and Her Girl Holding Hands

My friends, these pictures speak for themselves. I’m really not sure what else I could say. My 3-year-old, a budding artist, had this idea that she would draw a picture of herself, and I would draw a picture of myself, and then we would tape them together, holding hands. So we drew this marker drawing:


The lines down her legs are flowers on her pants, and the blue is a design on her shirt. The sun is shining brightly behind her head. These days, I find my daughter is noticing all kinds of details to draw, so her pictures vary a lot. One, like this one, has flowers down her pants. Another has big, detailed eyes but with thoughts of that detail, she forgot to draw the body. I’m in love with the whole process!

She and I were both pretty smitten with the hand-holding picture, so she wanted to make another one. This time we painted them. In this one, you’ll notice that her focus was on her and I holding hands. She painted a giant hand. But she might have forgotten her head. (And look at those pants!!!!) A girl and her mom holding hands.


So, we’ve been walking down sidewalks, holding hands, saying, “A mom and her girl holding hands! A girl and her mom holding hands!” And she says, “Just like the picture!”

You know how, before you had kids, you pictured running through a field holding hands together and laughing? And then you actually had kids and you realized it wasn’t just that. It was being tired, and trying hard even when you felt you couldn’t anymore, and making food, and more food and doing bedtimes. But there was always so much love.

But sometimes, it really is running through life, holding hands together, smiling. When that happens, it’s amazing! I am so grateful!


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